The Quran

Online Translation and Commentary


The project salutes other Quran sites, services and resources online that keep you informed, save you time and maybe even change your life. This page features links to sites we like and think you will enjoy too.

Whether they are just-launched start-ups or underpublicized gems, here are some of our favourite Quran related places on the web.

Read, explorer and navigate

  • Quranflash is a simple flash microsite displaying the Quran (in different readings and tajweed) and a variety of translations with interpretations. The site is both available in English and Arabic.
  • Noble Quran, The is an effort to make the Quran easily available, with many translations in different languages that supports features that allow users to browse verses, search and listen to recitations of the Qur'an in an easy-to-use interface.
  • Tanzil - Quran Navigator is a quranic project that primary contributes with a verified al-Qur’an text in different formats. It is also well known for its easy to use navigator and recitation options, this side by side with the Quran and translation texts as available online. Developers will also find a wide number of translations and other resources directly available from the project webpage.
  • Zekr is an open source and cross-platform software (application for download in Windows, Linux and Mac) with tools for simply browsing and researching the Quran and its many translations. Developers will find wide range of resources available directly from the project website.

Interpretations (tafsir)

  • Tafsir, Al providing online access to a large collection of quranic commentary (tafsir or tafseer) and translations. The site is both available in Arabic and English.

Fonts, typeface and typography

For more on quranic fonts, see Credits.

Grammar, syntax and morphology

  • Quranic Arabic Corpus, The an annotated linguistic resource which shows the Arabic grammar, syntax and morphology for each word in the Quran and a number of translations. The corpus provides analysis of morphological annotation, a syntactic treebank and a semantic ontology.

Sound, audio and recitation

Some of the site mention above also includes one or more online audio/recitation settings; what follows are projects that make the sound files available for download:

  • Quranic Audio is a site with a wide number of recitations of the Quran. All the audio files are free for download and streaming as MP3 files.
  • Verse By Verse Quran provides an easy and free access to the Quran in MP3 format separated into individual verse (verse by verse breakdown). Primary for use to memorizing the Quran, or as a developer of Quran site and application.

The lists are sorted alphabetic in each category.